Avatars that Aren’t Overgrown Smurfs

I’ve had a week of blasts from the past.  First, they announce that there will four, count them, four Avatar sequels in the future . Then I start reading an interesting book, Status: the Game, by fellow Kindle Scout selected author, Vincent Robert Annunziato .  What do these have in common?  It’s not hackneyed environmental preaching and big blue people.  Instead both of these books involve a virtual self and a “real-world” self.

Anyone that knows me has probably heard me ranting…err discussing this topic.  I watch the Matrix on repeat.  I obsess over Sword Art Online and any anime that remotely deals with virtual selves.  I play MMORPGS and basically accept that one day I may become her Royal Highness Queen of the Geeks.

I even once wrote a serial of shorts touching on those very topics.   I then stitched the shorts into a novel(ish). You know, people sucked into a virtual world and exactly the sorts of shenanigans that follow.  As a special treat, I’ll even share the original, uncut, unedited first episode with you all, and who knows, if you like, I might release the whole thing again….

Click here for Episode Zero and see you next week.