Numerical Nonsense and Quiet Time…

It’s funny the sort of things that can derail a regular blog post – work, school, hours of Netflix binges… but I am happy to report that my silence as of late is because I have been plugging away at a little manuscript called Ten.

I start books all the time, yet I finish them rarely.  This has given me a complex of sorts, namely that a book is not real in my mind until I hit a set milestone.  I have a terrible graveyard of unfinished works and what they all have in common is the simple fact that I never finished writing chapter five in them.  On the flip side, if I actually finish writing chapter five, I end up finishing the manuscript.

Needless to say, I just managed to get through chapter five and about 30,000 words so all of a sudden the monster that is my creative brain has gone into overdrive.  On one hand, I apologize for not posting in here, but on the other, I’m really excited that I could get past my mental hurdle and really dive into the third book of the Rules Undying series.

However, that is not the only thing I worked on.  As you may have read on a certain day in April, I threatened the world with a special side project… Churning Desires!  I am genuinely overwhelmed by the response I received, including the fan fiction written about a book that actually hasn’t been written.

In honor of that love, and because reading the line “It’s the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room, mother******” filled me with such joy here is a short, short except from the book that never was:

“I never wanted to be a killer.  I never chose that life, but when you see a group of no-good hipsters turning your beloved homeland into a coffee-shop-filled, beat-poetry-rapping wasteland rife with slouchy hats and pointlessly thick black spectacles, what are you supposed to do?” Jedidiah sighed as he set his glass back on the bar. “It wasn’t murder.  It was justice.  How can any goodly folk charge six dollars for bad coffee?”

“Oh, Jedidiah!” Destiny cooed as she delicately clutched his hand in hers.  Her sparkling lavender nail polish reflected the concern in her big, brown eyes. “I never knew you experienced such tragedy.”

“That was only the tip of the iceberg, darlin’,” he said as the words caught in his throat. “I never told you what happened to your pet goat Biscuit…”

To be continued… maybe!  Feel free to add to it.  I’ll take whatever horrors you come up with if you tweet me @TotalRECarr.  #churningdesires