It’s about that time…

I know it’s been quiet in R. E. Carr land, but that is because it is almost time to release a fresh round of havoc upon the world.  I am happy to announce that The Download will be available on Amazon on Tuesday, May 9th.

What is The Download?  Well, it’s not the Matrix, but telling you too much more would be a spoiler.  I can, however, share what some of the advanced readers said:

“While a marked departure from her usual genre, this book still holds the well-developed characters, sassy dialogue and expansive world that makes R.E. Carr's work such a delight to read.”

“The book starts off with a bang and zooms along at a rollercoaster pace.”

“What I thought was the standard story was the rollercoaster reaching the top of the first hill, and then I slammed through breakneck twists and turns over and over. The plot twists were unique, except for the one I thought I had guessed.... until I found out that no, that was a red herring.”

I hope you will try it out for yourself and explore a world over fifteen years in the making.  Oh, and as for the Rules Undying universe?  Never fear, I am currently working on Point One Five a.k.a. “Whatever Happened to Gail Filipovic?

More to come soon!