Second String Savior - Coming May 21st!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if destiny dialed the wrong number?  

In the Tome of Bill Universe there are legendary warriors of faith, the Icons, and they are all that stand between humanity and what goes bump in the night.  We've heard the stories of the legendary Freewills, monstrous vampires that will bring the end of days . . . probably . . . Now the other side of the story needs to be told, and sometimes prophecies aren't all they are cracked up to be.  Sometimes even the greatest of legends need a little nudge.

In order to bring this story to life and flesh out the bestselling series of novels, I've teamed up with Rick Gualtieri to create an all new series about the other guys just trying to get by in a world that's all kinds of strange and wonderful.  Better still, even if you haven't read the Tome of Bill (which I highly recommend if you haven't already) you can still enjoy this brand new story all on it's own.

I am happy to announce the at the first book of the False Icons series, Second String Savior, will be available on Tuesday, May 21st.  As an added bonus, if you pre-order, you can get it for a special price of $2.99.