Check the Temperature in Hades..

Yes, this is not bizarro world, despite evidence to the contrary.  I am actually taking a moment to give you lovely fantastic Four fans a quick update.

(Possibly also avoiding laundry, but that is neither here nor there)

I've been quiet because I've been hard at work maintaining my secret identity as an Internal Auditor, as well as polishing a very large manuscript in an entirely different genre.  I decided to take a walk on the wild side and try out a heady mix of two of my favorite things - archaeology and science.  I'll be giving you guys another update on that towards the end of February, I promise!

I hope you guys have gotten a chance to pick up Ten, the third installment of Rules Undying, and I promise that I will settle down and get to work on the final (probably!) book in the series.  I'll be posting a snippet of Zero as soon as it's relatively palatable and fit for human consumption.

So I guess it's time to run back into my cave, but trust me, it's only because the WiFi is great in there.

Mada ikite iru!