The Perils of Being a Marshmallow

I probably should have started this article with some amazing click bait, something like “Batman V Superman is as Great as Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins”.  What about “Lose Weight with This Weird Old Tip”?  I know, “Do This One Thing and Make Millions!”  After all, if there is one thing I’ve learned about the Internet is that you need a catchy title to sell something that has probably been written before.

However I chose to write something only partially lucid, something that only people who know me would even understand.  Clearly I’m not taking about literal marshmallows, right?  The only peril the average one of those face is death by hot chocolate or being drowned in breakfast cereal.  Oh no, I’ve broken another Internet rule.  Not my title is not only bad, it makes no sense and I’ve wasted two precious paragraphs talking about nothing.  Any editor worth his or her salt is throwing things at me!

Now that I’ve possible lost most of you, I thought I’d introduce myself formally.  I’m Rachel Elaine Carr, author of five novels, two of which are actually being published by Kindle Press.  I go by R. E. Carr because a Rachel Carr already wrote some vegan recipes online and I was ever so helpfully informed that it’s probably still a good idea to use those gender-neutral initials unless you’re writing romance.   I’m also as thick-skinned as the aforementioned confection – far too squishy and sickeningly sweet to be a jaded old author.  My “peril” is that I dared to put myself out in the world.  In fact the very first thing my family said when I announced that I was going to go for publication again (after a slight ten year rejection recovery) was “oh, my, are you sure you aren’t too sensitive to deal with all this?”

So there you go, I’m here writing for time-to-time about random things.  I make no claims to any real plan yet because even if I tried, I would probably change it midway, but I will share a little bit and welcome any readers out there to join me for an interesting and unusual 2016.  I may even start sharing a little serial… or would that be cereal?  I am a marshmallow after all.

-R. C.

P.S. If you haven’t guessed, I totally wrote a book!  Check it out by clicking here.